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The 1st Fête de Safran at Sillans la Cascade – find details on the Saffron page under ‘Events’. 
To reserve your bulbs now, contact us for conditions of sales and prices in 2015.
VISIT the saffron END OF JUNE 5 July from 9:00 to 17:00. ON-SITE SALE OF BULBS Crocus sativus, saffron and

Small tribute to Jeff From the great oak in Sillans Cascade just put our saffron in the spotlight. 

The Dolmetta Yannick company specialises in cultivating aromatic plants for medicinal and pharmaceutical purposes.
Saffron constitutes the major thrust of our production. Our medium term objective is to produce 1 kg of saffron, grown
on 15000 m² of land.

In addition we can supply thyme, savory, rosemary, sage, bay leaves and juniper berries, which grow naturally in our c.48 hectares of forest. 

In the traditions of Provence, we cultivate the black truffle (known as the Périgord truffle), the white summer truffle, and
we also produce extra-virgin olive oil (first cold pressing)

The Dolmetta Yannick business is flexible according to our clients’ needs, so can produce aromatic herbs to order.
Although we tend to produce in small quantities, we can gear up for larger orders where necessary.

Our plants originate from the very best stock: our croci come from France, our olive trees have been grafted onto ancient
olive trunks, our truffle oaks are INRA certified, and our aromatic herbs come from forest land that hasn’t been exploited for
over a century.

In keeping with our environmental policies, the only fertilizers we use come from horse and goat manure, and we never
employ fungicide or pesticide. The preservation of our natural environment is central to our business. As from this year
we have started the change-over to organic farming, under official French quality control and supervision.

Our business is registered under the following SIRET number: 51416385600016