The saffron plantation is based in the commune of Sillans la Cascade in the Var.
In August 2009, 2010, 2011 we planted 8000 m2 with crocus sativus bulbs, which we’ve raised completely traditionally, as of yore.
Harvesting is entirely done by hand, from October to December.

Each day, after collecting the flowers, we remove the stigmas, and lay them out to dry for 4 days in a room thermostatically controlled to  25°. Then, for a month, they are put in glass pots, to dry further in natural sunlight.

These are the best conditions in which to produce saffron, which will then be packaged up for sale.

The best way to deliver saffron is in these stigma threads.

Our saffron plantation is developed to be entirely environmentally friendly, and is one of the wonders of Sillans la Cascade, in the Haut Var.