The wide variety of aromatic herbs we market are grown wild, the yield from the generous garrigue that surrounds us.

Satureja montana L

Savory, or lou peibre d'ail in Provençal (asses’ pepper), is, without doubt, the loveliest of aromatic herbs. A perennial plant, it grows under shrubs and flowers in July, when the sun burns the hottest, offering up a perfectly aromatic perfume reminiscent of a collection of herbes de Provence.  It is harvested between mid-July and end- September.
The leaves have been used in cooking since ancient times, either for spicing up grilled food, or added to sauces or vegetables, as well as an aid to digestion – to avoid gas and a distended stomach. Some people call it the bean herb.
Savory acts as a digestive, stimulant, antiseptic and antiputrefactive.
It goes wonderfully well with lemon.